Delays and Demons Pt. 2

Hi all!

A few weeks ago, I sent out a letter to our paid subscribers, letting them know I would be slow on the jump through the month of September.

September is over, and so I’m e-mailing you.

First: I’m very grateful that you haven’t brigaded me with torches and pitchforks, or cancelled your subscription. Second: There is an actual reason why I’m late.

I’m on the final deadline for a few long-form projects, which I very much hope to show you soon. I’m also moving out to the country — a process that involves packing up everything I own in the few hours when my baby is not awake and raining chaos down on us all. (She’s not technically a “baby” any more so much as a “giant toddler,” but I refuse to change the terminology, in the hopes it will somehow make time stop.)

I will be out in the country, in a wonderful 120-year-old house that I’m only moderately certain is haunted, by the third week of October. My deadlines will wrap up at the beginning of November. That means we should be able to resume normal functioning at the most cliche possible date for something like this: Halloween.

Thank you, and see you soon,