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The Gamers: Witch Hunt (dir. Phillip Schaeffer, 2017)

Here is an example of why horror exists: Witch Hunt , the movie under consideration today, was very clearly made with a budget of about five dollars. It has a total of two sets and seven actresses, absolutely none of whom you would have heard of. It centers on an activity (overly elaborate strategy card games) that is much too geeky to be marketable, and a plot (women play an elaborate strategy card game; terror results) that is much too silly to be believable. There’s a girl-on-girl scene in a shower just for the hell of it. A woman is attacked by a disembodied noose that was clearly thrown on her by a stage hand. The other “special effects,” such as a spooky tape recorder that plays itself, are all things that could be accomplished by means such as, you know, the director pressing “play” on a tape recorder.